Concert Programme - First Half

The Anglia Contemporary & Experimental Music Society (ACEMS):


(i): "Histoire de la Gréce Antique" - Elias Marios Joannou

A piece for solo tape and video projections.


(ii): "Gesundheit" - Jeremy Sawruk (perf. Barnaby Harding)

Graphic score for solo piano


(iii): "ObfUScaTiON" - Jeremy Sawruk (perf. Guy Avern)

Graphic score for solo piano


(iv): "TO BE CONFIRMED" - Paul Whitty

Piece for solo tape and video projector


The Live Experimenal Arts Performance Society (LEAPS):


(v): 'Darkroom'

keyboardist/rhythmatist Andrew 'Os' Ostler and guitarist/loopologist Mike Bearpark providing their unique "composite of pounding drum'n'bass-ish rhythms, spiraling ambient backdrops and netherworldly atmospheres".


(vi): 'P.D.A'

PDA takes field recording and handheld software sources and further explores their micro-textural possibilities.


(vii):"The New Idol" - Anthony Olway

An abstract short film examining the current trend of celebrity worship.


(viii)"Robin Pissed" - Anthony Olway

A short documentary about the escapism of binge drinking.


(ix):"Dark Matter" - Robert Chapman

A multimedia composition for tape, slide projector and live electronics.


===============I N T E R V A L=====================

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